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Chin Nutz?!?!?

Picture this: brand new to jiu-jitsu, you learn your move of the day, practice a few repetitions and hear the words "spar time". Anyone who has been there can attest, your single move will not suffice. Before you know it, you are on your back and your opponent is crawling on top of you! You struggle, but their superior skill has them sitting on your chest, with their knees near your head. You struggle to breath from the pressure of that body on top of you. The natural reaction is to lift your head to gain momentum to get up... but wait. Your opponent's groin is right by your face, that's right... you've got chin nutz. Chin Nutz Grappling Gear was a company made to poke a jovial finger at the position everyone loves to put people in, but hates to be in. Suited not only for jiu-jitsu, but for active lifestyles, I am sure you will love your Chin Nutz.

The mount position applying Chin Nutz


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